Ecoreef Block

Saving our coastlines
block by block

Latest Build – Dropout Repair

This video displays the Ecoreef system being used to repair a seven metre deep dropout caused by severe weather events in early 2023. The design includes additional anchor modules that extend beneath the roading surface. The video also displays the unique ability for the system to conform to the specific requirements of individual sites.

Infrastructure protection – Bridge Abutment

This timelapse video displays the construction of a bridge abutment completed in June 2023. Recent weather events caused damage leaving the foundations vulnerable. Constructed in only 24 hours, this new Ecoreef structure wraps around the bridge’s foundations providing a resilient and long-term solution.

Coastline Protected – Turners Bay, Cape Palliser

This video displays the construction of the latest Ecoreef structure located at Turners Bay, Cape Palliser. Completed in February 2023, the structure provides much needed protection to the adjoining roadway which had previously suffered extreme erosion.

Ecoreef in action

This short video shows one of the many large wave interactions with the structure. Ecoreef protects the adjoining roadway which would have otherwise been damaged.

Standard Model ER-14

The Ecoreef ER-14 hexagonal module is inspired by one of nature’s strongest shapes. It forms the basis of an interlocking system which enables the creation of maximum strength structures in demanding environments.

  • Long-term protection of property and infrastructure
  • Creates a safe environment for public access
  • Strong and self-supporting structure
  • Cost-effective durable construction
Ecoreef Interlocking System
  • Minimal site preparation and build time
  • Ability to follow existing contours
  • No extensive foundation required
  • Easily handled and efficient to transport

Once constructed, the interlocking Ecoreef system has the ability to control and de-power water movement. The Ecoreef has limitless configuration options which provide solutions for multiple applications. It enables lost land to be regained and has the added benefit of being an ideal form for planting and supporting habitat restoration.

Here’s how coastal protection work…

Beach reconstruction

Coastal reconstruction

Riverbank reconstruction