A soft approach to coastal erosion control

Ecoreef is a new solution for the protection and restoration of coastal environments. As a modular skeleton, structures can be ramped at shallow angles to capture and retain beach material, providing significant resilience in extreme weather events.

With Ecoreef, there are no limits

Designed to blend into the environment

Once filled with local material and planted, the modules have the unique ability to further gain and retain sediment allowing vegetation to grow naturally.

Ecoreef Erosion Control
Coastal area with erosion
Ecoreef modules installed
Ecoreef modules with vegetation gain

Coastal zone with an eroded bluff

Ecoreef modules installed with backfill enabling the regaining of lost land

Sediment and vegetation gain returning the environment to a stable state

See how Ecoreef can protect your property

Have a look through the following examples.

Typical Coastal Erosion

Typical Coastal Erosion

Existing coastal property with an eroded bluff. With little protection, soft sediments are easily eroded putting infrastructure and land at risk.

Ecoreef structure provides resilience

Point Facing

With a simple module arrangement, a point facing Ecoreef structure provides resilience and safe access.

Ecoreef modules placed in a flat facing orientation

Flat Facing

Modules are placed in a flat facing orientation providing a less regular appearance as compared to a point facing structure.

Ecoreef looks natural in dune environments

Shallow Angle

Spacing between structure tiers is increased, reducing the structures angle and extending sediment gain, producing a soft natural look in dune environments.

Ecoreef components as a boat ramp

Incorporated Boat Ramp

Additional precast components enable the creation of ramped access, such as a boat ramp.

Ecoreef protects heightened bluffs

Bluff Toe Protection

Heightened bluffs are protected from further erosion with a simple structure installed at the toe. Additional modules can also be incorporated to provide safe access.

Ecoreef to create vertical retaining walls

Total Bluff Protection

Steep or unstable bluffs can be terraced to provide added resilience to the property. The addition of a half module enables the creation of vertical retaining walls with incorporated stair access.

Key Features

Ecoreef act as planter boxes


Ecoreef modules act as excellent planter boxes. With a structure installed, modules can either be planted manually or left to gain vegetation naturally.

From coastal grasses such as Spinifex to Flax and Pohutukawa, the modules provide ideal growing environments with root structures extending down into the body of the structure further strengthening the sediment gained.


As a modular system, Ecoreef’s custom stair modules can be incorporated within a structure providing safe access for homeowners and public. Ramp modules can also be included offering safe disabled access even in steep coastal environments.

With the use of the internationally recognized ‘cone anchor system’, handrails and other supporting systems can be included in the design, further enhancing safe accessibility.

Ecoreef stair modules

Interlocking Modules

As shown in the animation, Ecoreef modules are both locked and held captive by the layers above and below.

This unique inter-locking feature makes the Ecoreef system extremely strong, ensuring resilient and permanent structures in demanding environments.